Use common sense drilling machine maintenance,fault approach,

Thank you for using changrong puncher!Corrective using and maintenance can prolong correspondingeffective service life of puncher.Please refer to the following instructions.

1 . Alwaye keep punching pin lubricated with clean oil

2 . Use high quality lubricant without color and moisture

3 . Make sure the compressed air is dry,do not pour water into the solenoid valve

4 . To ensure the lifetime of hole puncher,please do not tap the the hole puncher with something  hard. And please check if there are any dusts between the punching pin and lower die

5 . If you are going to not use the puncher for a long time, please put it in a dry place and keep the punching pin lubricated with oil

When the hole edge is not clean-cut and a little rough,it means the punch wears a little and not sharp as before. Then please refer to the following steps to sharpen the punch:

   The most important tips is be sure to keep the two planes(the file and the surface of lower die) at the same level.


First,please pull up the punching pin,make sure the whole punching pin in the sliding block.


According to the hole size and wearing level,use an alloy file to sharpen the surface of lower die repeatedly until it becomes sharp again.


Please clean up the hole punch thorughly after sharpening to avoid the punching pin damaged by dirts.