Automatic Punching Machine Maintenance Matters That Require Attention

- Oct 21, 2016-

As production and processing enterprises, the most common type of machinery and equipment, automatic punching machines can be said to be very widely used. But as the number of people using automatic punching machine, increase and extend the life of equipment there will inevitably be some problems of one kind or another, automatic punching machine that had to be repaired. Then, punch in the repair process, what matters is to be aware of it?

First, check in advance the plunger travel allowance

Each machine operators know when after the piston to TDC, it also has some upward movement. This move clearly reflects the amount of plunger, sleeve wear. And many service personnel in the maintenance of automatic punching machine, tends to neglect this aspect of detection. Research and development of automatic punching machine manufacturer said that due to ignorance of the examination of the travel allowance, once the plunger and sleeve is worn plunger tend to need more exercise for some distance before start oil supply. Therefore, in such cases, in order to better play the punch of performance, adjust pad needs to be replaced during maintenance or gasket to reduce the travel allowance.

Second, in the process of disassembly and assembly bolts should not be screwed too tight

Automatic punching machine in the troubleshooting process, is sometimes require disassembly check and repair of the device, because the cylinders, rods, gearbox components, such as many bolts are torque requirements, twist is specifically how much. If it twisted a few more laps will be safe but will likely bolt broken or thread stripping.

All in all, maintenance automatic punching machine guarantee their performance better, the operator must not lose sight of the details leading to new fault maintenance.

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