Common Malfunctions And Their Elimination Methods Of Drilling Machine

- Oct 21, 2016-

Red head does not come on:

1, adjust the pressure to the 4-5KG\GM

2, punch machine punches up to an appropriate position, punch machine punches hit shallow point.

Second, burrs or not:

1, use steel down grind lower for about five or six minutes, then oil stone for two or three minutes,

Three, punch will pull plastic bags:

1, check that the air pressure is too low

2, check the drilling signaling systems are normal

3, check the drill and cutter are synchronized

Four down, punching machine stay too long intermittent rush not to bore or good and bad:

1, check that the air pressure is too low

2, gas shortages

3, check whether the solenoid valve inlet or muffler plug

4, check that the cylinder is leaking

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