Detailed Parameters Of The Pneumatic Punching Machine Classification

- Oct 21, 2016-

Plastic bag-punching machine according to the specifications

Holes 2MM to 80MM hole

Common specifications for plane hole: 25x6x10, and 30x6x11, and 32x7x12

Common specifications for butterfly hole: 25x6x10, and 30x6x10, and 32x7x10

Common specifications for portable hole: 75x20, and 80x25, and 80x22

Common specifications for triangular hole: 28x10, and 30x12, and 32x10

Common specifications for tearing holes: 2x4, and 2x5, and 2x6

Common specifications for 11 holes: hole of 11, photo album 30

Porous mold is generally more than three holes for porous mold according to customer requirements the number of holes to determine

Shaped hole than the common hole shaped holes. Such as: five-pointed star, Hexagon, trapezoid, etc


General key configuration on the Thermo-sealing machine punch mould

Extended three-side-seal machines-main configuration punch mould

Gantry configuration mainly in punch mould of three-side-seal machines, portable-hole molds such as the majority.

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