Drilling Machine Performance Is Stable, Easy To Operate

- Oct 21, 2016-

Drilling machine is made up of four parts interact finished drilling process. First punch camera automatically moves the material to scan area, cameras scan to image processing and control signals: the control unit receives a signal, further processing and control drive action, punch in the plane on the x axis, y axis, starting after the action has completed the aerodynamic work solenoid valve controlled cylinder punching action. Automatic printing position holes in punch, the entire action in one fell swoop, fast, accurate, and efficient.

-Work speed each minutes up to 130 times (2-3MM/each)-APM-380 maximum playing hole width up 380MM APM-600 maximum playing hole width up 600MM-is to paper range 60 grams/square meters-350 grams/square meters-can replaced various mold-used quality electric control original, performance stable, operation convenient-multiple security protection device, guarantees operation who security, can extended and applies life, reduced products loss-APM-380 suitable Yu stationery class products processing APM-600 suitable for stationery and drilling machining such as desk calendars, wall calendars, is a general line-machines parts using CNC computer numerical control machine tools, batch production, performance and stability.

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