How To Bag Making Machine Equipped With Pneumatic Punching Machines On Devices?

- Oct 21, 2016-

Bag making machine equipped with pneumatic punching machines on cocoa improve production efficiency, reduce manpower, radically reducing the cost of production cost, here are the details of how to install on a machine breakdown, hope to be for bag making machine equipped with pneumatic punching machines of customer help.

First, order pneumatic drilling machines as needed, ready to pump, steel frame (according to style of bag making machine on its own collection of steel plate welding/cutting), solenoid valve, hoses, wires, screws and some reserve;

Second, will prepared good of steel frame fixed in business bags machine of had material stage, then will playing hole machine with screws fixed in steel frame Shang, note must in solid, or playing hole machine work Shi may appeared jitter, caused playing hole machine damaged; then will electromagnetic valve and business bags machine through wire connection, with tracheal followed by will playing hole machine, and electromagnetic valve, and pump phase connection;

Again prepared work completed, account business bags machine, let electromagnetic valve and business bags machine paired (synchronization signal), note, due to business bags models different, paired way also not same, this at not for introduced, please directly contact manufacturers Advisory, paired success Hou, check all line, confirmed correct Hou, account pump, for real playing hole test, that is will need playing hole of material after playing hole machine had material slot, using electromagnetic valve manual control for playing hole test, and regulation playing hole speed, confirmed reached wants to of effect Hou, for preset;

Finally, open the automatic drilling mode, by the bag full control via unmanned automatic operation can be realized!

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