Maintenance Of Hole Puncher

- Jun 27, 2019-

Maintainance of Hole Puncher:

1. Before Use:

    ① please check if there are dusts around the punching pin

         if have, please must clean them up

    ② please must add lubricate oil around the punching pin

     By the way, punching pin is the punch knife, you may also call it "male die"

     (it is the part connected with cylinder to cut hole)

2. During Use:

    ① please must keep the punching pin lubricated by oil

    ② please notice if there is abnormal sound during work, if have, please deal with it

    ③ please do not knock the hole puncher when you install it

    ④ please use 3-4kg air

3. After Use:

    ① please clean up the punching pin and female die

    ② then add oil around the punchingpin and female die, and punch the punching pin into 

         the female die

Solutions for Normal Problems:

1. Can not pull up the punching pin:

    ① use bigger air pressure, such as 4-5kg air

    ② turn over the control nut and screw (under the cylinder), to make the punching knife not go down so deep

2. The hole edge is not smooth or can not be fully cut off:

    please use alloy file to sharpen the surface of lower die first, then use oil stone to grind it again

3. If hole puncher tears up the film:

    ① please check if the air pressure is big enough

    ② check it the punch signal is OK

    ③ check if the cut of hole puncher is synchronous with the cutting knife of your bag machine

4. If the hole puncher is sometimes good and sometimes bad:

    ① check it the air pressure is too low

    ② check if the air is enough

    ③ check if water goes into the solenoid valve and if the solenoid works well

    ④ check if the air leaks out from somewhere

5. Some suggestions:

    ① please use high quality lubricate oil, such as pure machinery oil or yellow grease

    ② please make sure the air is dry and no water goes into the solenoid valve

    ③ please clean up all dusts around the punching knife before use

    ④ please do not sharpen the punching pin by yourself (to avoid hurting it)

    ⑤ if not use the hole puncher for a long time, please put it in a dry place and add oil around the 

         punching pin and female die

6. A photo to show how to sharpen the lower die surface by alloy file:

sharpen the hole puncher

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