Plastic Bag Punch Machine Industry Has To Understand The Status Of Industry

- Oct 21, 2016-

What are bring printed plastic bag punch machine enterprises unable to bear the pain?

1, hit the global economic crisis-related: 2013 plastic bag punching machine industry were living very difficult, reduced exports, overseas printing printing business inputs are affected, and blister machine rising labor costs, in accordance with the Green mold requires purchasing of raw material cost increases, printing is not increased but decreased, resulting in decreased printing enterprise's profitability.

2, and the development of digital technologies pose a challenge to traditional print-related: the circulation of newspapers and magazines cut obvious single books printed in reduced paper advertising shifting to the network media tendencies have emerged.

3, under the influence of domestic policy: leading provider of plastic bag punch machine. Awareness of environmental protection made simple package was welcomed by the markets; introduced "eight rules", "six prohibitions" also effectively limit the past inappropriate public consumption. Research on essence, printing time is better than the industry as a whole has not been historically passive processing enterprises to active service enterprises.

Bag making machine machine enterprises to choose the exit, which is but inevitable

In China, in addition to "sail" blind expansion ultimately escape the collapse of doom's case, because of the difficulty of maintaining compelled to select closed businesses do not individually, including many of those enterprises in the industry, delisting of some enterprises in the printing industry is the inevitable result of capacity is greater than the market demands.

The invisible hand of the market is through survival of the fittest to rebalance supply and demand, with the purpose of profit-making enterprises, once found it difficult to achieve the desired exit is also lying. Plastic bag punch machine how to use it? Key is that delisting is the operator prepare initiatives still lack adequate preparation of passive measures, which is completely different in handling, back to the print industry is also different. 19 years ' time, for us is a very long, for the constant thread is more remote, with a constant thread of many companies today, 19 years later has not been found, many of the products of the company are already in a stage of decline. But the constant thread is on the market is gaining in popularity, customers are more and more gradually into a high visibility of the pneumatic punching machine company of plastic bags. All this is inseparable from the constant thread die adhered to the business philosophy, with innovative technology and value-for-money services to create the highest quality products for our customers, this enables the constant thread status in the minds of customers today.

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