Plastic Bag Punch Machine Which Features Of The Production Process

- Oct 21, 2016-

Plastic bag punch machine belongs to: high precision pneumatic die, its production process and industry friends "concern", now I'm going to lead us into our plastic bag punch machine-making workshop, more interested in plastic bag punch machine mould making friends a glimpse of the constant thread of the plastic bag punch machine hosting the games.

Plastic bag punching machine production process description:

Customer drawings confirmed and draws → arrangements related material and accessories of prepared → fast go silk on whole block material early processing (die seat of processing while for) → walking silk precision cutting → die core part of first times Assembly and glue water → die core part of precision grinding → eventually machine Assembly completed → actual punching material of test → access pressure into natural running process → factory prices test → rubber bags playing hole machine integrated test normal → eventually delivery. Shanghai precision mold company official threads website brings together the mass of plastic bag punching machine production information and manufacture plastic bags there punching machine production offers is the production of the plastic bag punch machine's biggest online service platform! plastic bag punch machine how to use information.. ...

Plastic bag punch machine manufacturer specific considerations and details: blister machine how to use it?

Customer confirm and die structure design drawing drawings should be combined with production processes, combined with mechanical, tooling technology.

Core material hardness and wear resistance degree of confidence is affecting mold durability is one of the most important factors in the future.

Wire cutting process, guarantees directly affects the future of the entire core precision mold accuracy and service life.

The first Assembly (core in the clamp position fixed) effect accuracy and perpendicularity and precision mold processing time.

Core precision grinding process needs to keep there is plenty of lubricant, check core degree of grinding is normal.

Final Assembly and testing should be taken to use thinner, softer materials for precision testing, multiple tests to insure the stability and reliability.

Plastic bag punch machine maintenance and strategy: the pneumatic punching machine how to use it?

Blister machine usage policy: plastic bag punch machine which features of the production process

Thin material punching bag punch machine to distinguish between use. I provide triangle hole punching machine, regular size triangle hole drilling machine off the shelf, welcome to order! ... Production units: pneumatic punching bag punch machine-machine in Shanghai's Xu precision mould co supply mode: normal size triangle hole punching machine

In daily use should not be too fast, use 80~120. Standard production of the plastic bag pneumatic drilling machines, small round holes, air holes, the butterfly hole, portable holes, triangular hole, photo album 11 holes, shaped holes, products with high precision, high quality and good stability. Plastic bag punch machine manufacturer.

Keep the core part of the high degree of lubrication to prevent core part temperature too high burn out due to friction caused core.

Large punch size drilling machines are equipped with auxiliary blowing pipe, to make full use of auxiliary exhaust pipe help exhaust.

Plastic bag punch machine should clean up after using Butterfly hole punch punch and lower parts of waste and debris, then the punch into the next mode.

If not used for a long time, it is recommended to wrap the plastic bag punch machine and lubrication saves, better protect the portable hole punching machine.

Note: plastic bag punch machine to use? Our company specializes in producing all kinds of bag making machine pneumatic punching machines manufacturers of plastic bags, high speed wire production of wear-resistant materials, precision high stability, overcoming the short service life of a plastic bag punch machine weaknesses! is the preferred system for bag making, printing enterprises.

Installation and dismantlement of the butterfly hole drilling machine, try gently to avoid a collision.

Remember to hit with a hard object, parts of the lower cylinder and punch to avoid damage to the cylinder and core parts of the cutting edge.

In case of failure, non-professionals mind disassemble the cutting angle-hole drilling machine, avoid cutting angle drill core part of hole damage.

Plastic bag punch machine improved production programme:

For plastic bag punch machine to provide dry and stable air pressure, ensuring stability of the cylinder.

... Are equipped with stable and large signal solenoid valve, in order to ensure the stability of signal transmission.

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