Pneumatic Punching Machines For Plastic Bags Continued Drilling And Effective Approaches

- Oct 21, 2016-

Boutique specializing in the production of pneumatic punch machine Shanghai pneumatic punching machines manufacturers | |-selling pneumatic punching machine manufacturer directly? | Shanghai small pneumatic punching machines any good? | three-hole punching machine in Shanghai quote? | nonwoven drilling machine manufacturers in Shanghai? We only make products is our consistent principle, Shanghai mobile hole punching machine how do you sell? Mobile mould (arm hole): common specifications: 68X18 70X22 70X17.5X22 76X16 80X20 size plastic bag punch machine unit, the industry leader. Applies to: PE, OPP, PVC, PO, PP etc material bag, handbag, forked lug bags, non-woven bags, green bags, thrust double 0.01~2.0mm soft package; speed: 120~180/min.

Following are summarized in our long-term practice on drilling machine for plastic bags perforated continuous treatment, under similar problems when treated in accordance with this method, there may be unexpected results! The pneumatic punching machine for common material length, hole Center to the plastic bags up to 5.5CM, 1-10 specifications can be selected, some specifications require a reservation.

First we summary Xia playing constantly of situation: a,, and playing more thin material Shi appeared playing constantly (as PE material,), on thick material playing hole Shi no any problem; 2, and on any material playing hole into are appeared playing constantly; main uses (plastic bags, and rubber bags playing hole, small round hole breathable hole, small round hole hanging hole, and linked hole hanging Rod hole) c, and cylinder power insufficient or electromagnetic valve water also may appeared playing constantly; d, and playing hole machine job Shi, has law of appeared playing constantly or playing not to;

Effective solutions:

Appeared a, in the of case Shi, can consider for playing hole machine using time has compared long, rushed head and die sets cannot close tie, both between appeared gap, playing hole Shi appeared part interrupted, part connected situation, for this cases of solution programme for replaced new rushed head and die sets, can perfect solution problem; minimum can using pressure 0.25MPa, usually for 0.3-1.0MPa (3-10 kg pressure) Xia work, pressure too low will effect playing hole of quality.

Appeared b in the case Shi, General for playing hole process in the, playing to foreign body due to, playing hole machine rushed head and die sets party or both are damaged, that appeared playing constantly, solution way, needed for injury identification, is compared serious, can returned factory by professionals maintenance or replaced operation parts, minor situation can itself using wind moving polished machine for polished (specific operation can view related wind moving polished machine of using method), polished no specific provides, solution problem can;

There are enough die cut due to under sharp, foreign bodies, such failures are easy to exclude, first view, found objects with a soft brush or use air guns to blow, because of lower edge is sharp enough, pneumatic grinding machines can be used for proper sanding, you can! When there is a c in the situation, can stop jobs, stagnant water in drain solenoid valve, if water in the cylinder, pipe can be removed using air guns respectively of the cylinder inlet gas imports and blow, to the exclusion of water!

Appeared d situation Shi, has two species situation: 1, and rubber bags playing hole machine speed had fast, has beyond cylinder maximum of ventilation time, for pressure insufficient and appeared playing not wear or playing constantly, solution method: drop bags playing hole speed; 2, and for pressure had small, playing hole machine cannot normal job (electromagnetic valve power had small also will caused); increased pressure or replaced power.

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