Pneumatic Strip Cutter -replacement For Double Cutting Knife

- Dec 16, 2016-

Custom shaped plastic bags are more and more popular with the development of flexible packaging industrial and the diversity of market demand.The traditional way needs to make a special shaped punching mould,and cut out that required shape offline.Then a special-shaped bag is finished after some other necessary trim.It wastes a lot of time and energy,especial when foe complicated shapes or big quantity order.Then the bag making machine manufacturer decided to add a double cutting knife on the machine to increase the efficiency.But the effect and the quality of the double cutting knife installed on the machine are also less than satisfactory.

So we design a pneumatic strip cutter to replace the double cutting knife.Our strip cutter has many advantages than traditional double cutting knife:

1. Suitable for any bag cutting machine

2. Easy to install,no need to revise the the machine frame

3. Faster than double cutting machine,the speed can reach 120 times/min

4. The lifetime is much longer than traditional double cutting knife

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