Portable Hole Punching Machine How To Use?

- Oct 21, 2016-

Portable hole drilling machine, also known as: arm-hole drilling machine (device)/fork ear hole puncher alias, mainly through automatic plastic bag, non-woven fabric bag making machine rolls with a hole punch bag-making equipment micro-computer with, through the solenoid valve control, to complete the material for precision punching.

By pneumatic foot valves (pneumatic pedal) complex, controlled by a pneumatic foot valves portable hole punching machine powered by air pressure in order to control its punch.

Non-woven Tote-hole drilling machine main features:

Model: MJSTK-P (QS, and LM) **/MJSWK-P (QS, and LM) **

Name: portable hole drilling machines and hand hole punch and hand hole punch (punch/die)

Size: 68*18 70*20 70*22 70*22*15 76*16 80*20 85*30 90*30mm

Style: plain (head restraints) is mainly used for r Chuck bag punching, and bridge (double-column/gantry) to use flat belt machines

Material: plain (head restraints) General feeding: 80mm 150mm; bridge (double-column/gantry) conventional material: 450 550mm

Use: OPP, PE bags, hand bags, rice buckle buckle handbags, handbags, laundry detergent does not cut off the bag, non woven bag, fashion handbag

Speed: use with automatic bag making machine speed: 110~125/min; with pneumatic foot valves, independently, its speed is affected by skill level effect

How portable hole punching machine and hand hole punch of demand-side after-sale rights?

Proposal needs to find the portable hole punching machine production, professional manufacturer, and signing of the formal contract of purchase and sale before purchasing or related agreements, in order to protect the interests of future sale!

Retained products have agreed to or signed before purchasing all information, to provide protection to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests in the future.

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