Working Principle Of Laser Drilling Machine

- Oct 21, 2016-

1, laser drilling machine for construction:

Laser drilling machine usually consists of solid state lasers, electrical systems, optical systems and coordinate moving table consists of four parts.

2, solid state laser working principle

When the laser operation material for yttrium aluminum Garnet by optical pumping (excitation pulse Xenon lamp) excitation, absorption with a specific wavelength of light, under certain conditions, can lead to a number of metastable particles in a material is greater than the number of low-energy particles, a phenomenon known as inversion. Once a small number of excited particles produce stimulated emission transitions, can cause light amplification, again by the resonant cavity mirrors and part-mirror feedback oscillation, and finally by the laser resonator end output. Formed through the lens focusing high-energy laser beam irradiation on the surface of the workpiece can be processed.

Electrical system including power supply and control of the laser energy output (pulse or continuous) control system. In the latter sometimes driven table according to processing requirements of automatic control device. Optical system of laser beam function is precisely focused on the workpiece machining parts. To that end, it contains laser focusing and observing Director of at least two parts.

Projection system to display the artifacts back, more perfect laser beam drilling machine is equipped with.

Table control by manual or CNC control, in three coordinate directions, convenient and accurate adjustment of the position. Bench zone tops made from glass, opaque metal surface will cause inconvenience to detect and counter tops will be destroyed after the workpiece is pierced. Under the table top of the focusing lens with suction and blower to maintain clean work surface and a focusing lens.

2, the application of laser drilling machine:

Laser drilling mainly used in aerospace, automotive, electronic instruments, chemical and other industries. The rapid development of laser drilling mainly reflected punch with average power output of YAG laser

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